Magicshine MJ-868 is another proposal aimed at the market for these "better" lamps. From the point of view of performance and the amount of light is an improved version of the well known MJ-808E - only in the completely redesigned housing and with some better components.


At the end of 2011 Magicshine launched an attack on so called premium lights category - not only in terms of the amount of light, but also in terms of price ;). Now we can check how they were able to fulfill their promises of 2000 lumens in a small original housing design.


It is hard to say that, Chinese are not creative, at every moment they are introducing changes to their products - often without informing the customer about that. You are ordering once, ordering twice and at the third time you can get something totally different :). Today I’m going to compare 3 powerful bike lamps, well known Magicshine MJ-808 Updated Version, it's younger sister Magicshine MJ-808E based on Cree XM-L led and Magicshine clone EastWard YJ-E02 it shall be on Cree MC-E led but this version most probably exists only on the paper.


New Magicshine MJ-870 and Magicshine MJ-872 lights are a real breakthrough within the Chinese bike lamps available in the market. These are the first lights being not a copy or a modifications of another existing light but a completely new project connected with the pirating past by the name and the handle-bar mounting.


Magicshine MJ-816

Magicshine 808 bigger sister - at the beginning it knocks the competition by declared parameters and appearance ;). If only the declared amount of light 1400 lumens was real, it would allow her to compete with the best lights available on the world market. From the perspective of the cyclist the most important feature is a remote light control on the cable, which allows you to control it without taking your hands off the handlebar.


First, some history, the lamp on the left is Lupine Edison - one of the last bicycle HID lamps manufactured. In mid-2008 it was too weak and too expensive in production and in addition too sensitive to vibrations during ride. As if that was not enough of the catalogs 900 lumens at 16W it gave only about 500 lumens of light.


AyUp lampka rowerowa

AyUp is a very rare species on our geographical widths- maybe, because producer is located down under in Australia ;). Apparently somebody saw the local distributor on British Islands, but I would not expect too much from them.

What did Ausies invent ? One of the most versatile lighting system among currently available on the market - with a few different holders, the same lamp can serve as a bicycle lamp, the light on a helmet and the headlamp and all this while maintaining minimum weight.