Magicshine MJ-868 is another proposal aimed at the market for these "better" lamps. From the point of view of performance and the amount of light is an improved version of the well known MJ-808E - only in the completely redesigned housing and with some better components.



Some marketing data:

MJ-868, Magicshine?'s patented product, with compact and stylish streamline design, uses CREE XM-L ultra bright LED and high efficiency orange peel reflector to provide super bright light; 4x18650 long lasting SAMSUNG Li-ion batteries to provide 5600 mAh capacity, and waterproof rubber pack to provide perfect protection, making your night adventure more enjoyable.

  • Light source: CREE XM-L LED
  • Lumen output: 1000 lumens
  • Housing material: 6061-T6 alloy, pus some chrome plating.
  • Modes: High - Low - Strobe
  • Battery: 4×18650 SAMSUNG Li-ion battery (8.4V 5.6AH)
  • Burn time: 4-4.5 hours on high mode
  • Waterproof grade: IPX4

Price : about $135

Initial impressions:

You can see changes just after opening the box, instead of the typical "gift box " you are getting quite useful transport box:

Well known from MJ-870/MJ-872 - 1,8A batery charger, but totally new neoprene battery cover.

More you are looking at it, more goodies you can see. In example the glass is no longer “generic” – now it is glass with double side anti-reflective layer to increase transmittance...

The control button has been moved to the top of the housing and greatly enlarged – now it's easier to change the mode and the lamp is no longer pushed forward when you are changing modes.

What you can find inside ?

Changes in a housing means that the whole interior also has to be redesigned. For the first time the whole body has been designed from the ground up in order to draw the heat away from the led - not some post flashlight design with drop-in module inside. The entire rear part of the housing is one big die-cast heatsink.

And another goodie, Cree XM-L LED is soldered on the copper MCPCB to improve heat dissipation. It’s a small thing, but due to higher costs this is rarely appearing in serial products.

Power supply:

We are also getting the new driver, but here from the user point of view nothing has changed - the light draws 10W high mode and 3W in low mode. Instead of some useful intermediate mode i.e. : 6W we are getting the strobe mode inherited from MJ-808 series – in my opinion, this mode should be removed.

The biggest change from the user's point of view is the new battery pack and cover:

Wide elastic strap and pouch enables secure fixing of the battery pack to the frame - compared with 2 straps known from MJ-872 and earlier models this is much better. Also the contents of the battery pack was changed - instead of Chinese no-name cells we get Samsung 2600mAh 18560’s, which allowed to increase battery pack capacity from 4400 mAh to 5600mAh with the same weight and dimensions. The result is easy to predict - the lamp burn time almost an hour longer than it’s original.

How does it light ?

And here the whole idea of the MJ-868 meets it’s doom, there is almost no visible difference between new one and old MJ-808E, and it is worst the new MJ-868 is also 50% more expensive than old one...

Magicshine MJ-868 vs MJ-808E - high

Try to be the Smart Guy here, dear potential user, choose wisely based on the relation between better design and longer burn time versus the same amount of light for much higher price.