Magicshine MJ-816

Magicshine 808 bigger sister - at the beginning it knocks the competition by declared parameters and appearance ;). If only the declared amount of light 1400 lumens was real, it would allow her to compete with the best lights available on the world market. From the perspective of the cyclist the most important feature is a remote light control on the cable, which allows you to control it without taking your hands off the handlebar.



Some marketing data.

MagicShine MJ-816 16W

  • 1,400 lumens (manufacturer rated) at highest setting
  • 4 Lighting modes; Short Mode, Far Mode, High (all), and Stepless
  • Stepless programming. Choose any level from 5% to 100% power output using the handlebar-mounted Command Control Button
  • Lighted Command Control Button with 4-level battery indicator and backlight (100% battery charge = green, 75% = blue, 50% = yellow, 25% = red)
  • 250 hour run-time on the lowest power setting
  • 2.5 hours run-time on highest setting (conditions vary, run-times vary too)
  • SSCP7 and Cree XP-E LED's - durable, up to 50,000 hour lifespan. 3 LED emitters, total.
  • T6 aircraft aluminum enclosure - anodized
  • Circuitry: Digital regulated li-ion
  • weight: 590 g
  • price : 119$ ( / 129$ (



This is not a lamp, which looks great - these two "ears" looks as if they had to come off.

Fortunately, the case is largely monolithic cast, and nothing will fall off itself. The quality of the body does not knock - it seems to me that the older Magicshine is more refined and here a couple of things could be improved.

The most eye catching elements are unusual side collimators - those are elliptical collimators allowing to shape the light beam in the shape of ellipse.

Such Magicshine 806 has quite simple design and little components, so 816 is a different matter.

Were it not for the wires connecting LEDs in the "ears" they could be easily removed - they are supposed to be locked by small screws from the bottom - but it's not too securely fastened in my opinion.

Warning for those who wanted to a turn the ear a bit - despite the extra covers on the power wires this connection is delicate, with strong turn of the "ear" the case will cut the wires.

The main attraction of this light - at least for me - an control button integrated with the four-color, battery status display, allows you to easily switch between modes without releasing the handlebar. Unfortunately, similar to the MJ-808 Updated Version, indications differ from the assumptions of the manufacturer - maybe one day they will improve that - battery status indicator shows 25% battery left for almost 50% of the work time :).

Power supply

In Poland we have our local version and we get battery pack known from the 808 Updated Version.

And the same goes with the charger :

As for DX sku.36018 you get battery pack in the can and big sack with Velcro strap to attach it to the bike frame. It doesn't works too good, so remember to draw the velcro strap tight around battery pack.

The manufacturer declares the power of 16W - it's quite a lot for a bike LEDs light, let's check that :).

        V-In    I-in   P-In     V-led   I-led   P-led  Eff.
MAX     7,85V  1,89A  14,84W    3,17V   2,57A   8,16W
                            2x  3,11V   0,59A   1,85W
                                         total 11,87W  80%
SSC P7  8,05V  1,31A  10,55W    3,19V   2,61A   8,34W  79%
2x Cree 8,19V  0,49A   4,01W    3,12V   0,62A   1,92W  48%

Well, they even don't overrate that lamp to much. In full-power mode, the light draws almost 15W, it can work like that for 2 hours + a few extra minutes, when you can see that the power is going down and red lights on the indicator is blinking like crazy ;). In P7 single mode it draws about 10W and the burn time is similar to the standard Magicshine MJ-808 – about 3,5 hour. The third basic mode “short lights” 2x Cree XP-E with the elliptical collimators – draws 4W and can light for 8 hours.

Now, the main attraction for fans of clicking and multiple modes – every basic power mode can be continuously adjusted by holding the button in the range from 5 to 100%. In that case the burn times may differ from declared. Mode settings are stored until you remove power from the lamp.

How it light ?

Let me put it this way, when I turned it on in the field for the first time I forgave it that it looks so ugly ;-).

Comparison with one of the most powerful lights that I have in the arsenal : 4x Cree XR-E @ 700mA z 15* Ledil optics - it should have about 800-850 lumens.

MagicShine MJ-816 MAX vs 4x Cree XR-E

MagicShine MJ-816 SSC P7

MagicShine MJ-816 2x Cree XP-E

The amount of light? I'd say similar, 15 * Ledil optics gives much better throw – the mouse illuminates the sides better. On the straight there is no difference, but when you have to take some strong turns the "mouse” will give you enough light right where you need it.


Especially when I fixed a setting of a left optics - a shadow in the lower left corner that you can see on the last photo is caused by the bad setting in the optics axis. After the correction in a room it lights like it should have (picture on the left) :).


If only somebody would convince Chinese to build “premium” version of the battery pack on HQ cells that will give 6Ah capacity instead of 4Ah - then the lamp can could work for full 3 hours instead of 2. But it is still a very good offer in “bang for a buck” category for every bike rider who wants to drive off-road with the full power of his light and “short lights” are enough to commute. For people who want to mod it a bit, these lamps definitely have the potential - you can easily change XP-E for selected XP-G leds and SSC P7 to Cree XM-L. In that case from actual 750-800 you can go up to 1100 lumens :).