Ixon IQ Speed

B&M -> Busch & Müller KG (or BUMM).

Ixon IQ Speed is new Cree XR-E Based lamp (there is Rebel version too), using profiled mirror technology to achieve focusing almost all of the light into usable beam - it don’t shine top of the trees.

What you get ?

Bar mount is universal (Standard & OS) and you can easily change the head angle, to center the beam in front of the bike. You can also bu helmet mount as a spare parts.

Thermal design :
Plastic case... no thermal design

Some measurement data – maximal values in 1 m :
High - 2270 lux
Low - 370 lux

Power supply :
5 cell 18670 NiMH – 6V 4,1 Ah
340 g (connectors, and holster included)
Quite impressive fast charger 1A output - you can charge it to 100% in 4 hours.

The battery-pack mounting strap is long enough to mount battery pack on stem or frame. I think that the stem will be preferable - the connection wire is to short to i.e. put battery pack into bottle cage or saddle bag.

About 150 euro in EU so about 200$.

Is it worth it ?

It is certainly one of the most advanced solutions on bike lights market, thanks to the use of modern led and custom designed optics it can compete effectively in terms of quantity of light with much more powerful lamps. Appropriate battery capacity is sufficient for most of the users.

Some comparison shots :

low :

high :

Sigma Mirage (5w halogen)

Sigma Powerled in High