Recently, when I was In local wholesale store my eye caught familiar light - an older sister of the popular SuperFlash Smart RL-317R => RL -318R. It’s horizontal, have noticeable switch and the quality of a plastic brackets is better (I’ve lost two of 317’s somewhere and it seems that it happened not only to me).

What's remarkable it doesn't cost 40 or 60 zloty's (13-20 USD) but only 19.40 zloty's gross (6.5 USD) - a rather obvious, after verifying that "it lights" it went to my shopping cart.


Very similar, aren't they ? If there wasn't inscription on one it will be hard to distinguish them at first glance.

Well, there is a slight difference in the "content" ;-).

The Smart electronics is covered by an additional foil, in counterfeit, everything is on top. But the main difference lies in the used led. Smart SuperFlash has on board a red one-chip Nichia power-led rated at 0.5 watts in the counterfeit there is no name 3-chip LED.


How it Light ?

When I was In the shop, the counterfeit looks quite bright - but when I compare it to the original SuperFlash it is just poor counterfeit. This 3-chip led focuses badly on applied optics and provides much less light.

I think that I do not need to describe which is which ?


I think that they will be available sooner or later in the local shops, so be advised - they only looks similar.

*** UPDATE ***
Lamp stopped working after about a week of use, sometimes it turns on but generally it is not suitable for use. Frown