Remington RMHL4AA-BRemington 4AA 3W 150 Lumen Headlight - actually Rayovac, since Remington grants their brand only. What does have this one of the best known manufacturers of hunting weapon in common with this headlamp. Except of the brand, nearly nothing but, due to the unique combination of the red leds and the blue one, this headlamp highly facilitates noticing the red color; the blood traces, in this case. Id est, just fit for a greenhorn knifer chasing after cats in a park ;).


Some marketing data :


3 Watts - 150 lumens

Rotating diffuser providing dispersed illumination.

Watertight .

Impact proof.

3 light modes : high, low, flashing

2 control pushbuttons enabling fast mode changeover-s.

The stabilizing system ensuring the constant light amount for the full battery lifetime.

It operates with 4 batteries of the AA type (enclosed).

Comfortable head strap.

Burn time : 15 hours (low mode) 2,5 hours (high mode) 5 hours (flashing mode)

Price : catalogue value ca. 60 $, usually ca. 30$


If somebody asked an American about a fully stabilized head lamp supplied from 4 AA cells, operated with 2 pushbuttons and provided also, in addition, a heat sink in the head …, there would be only answer : Princeton Tec Apex. Probably, this head lamp was created in such way: somebody of the Rayovac wrote down the requirements and characteristics of the head lamp and ordered 100 000 pieces loco a store in their background facilities.

What does whine inside.

Even at the first eyesight, you may recognize the Cree XR-E led as the main light source; frankly speaking, there are already the newer ones, but XR-E Q5 constitutes still the golden standard in the power led market and a good basis for each torch or headlamp.

The two distinct pushbuttons and the shielded heat sink providing cooling to the lead; can you wish anything more from a head lamp at 30$ ?

Yes, for instance an infinitely variable adjustment of the inclination angle provided with a possibility to set, independently, the force with a screw and a self-locking nut; banally simple but, probably, nothing better has been devised till the present.

A heat sink providing cooling for the lead; this is not fake but, as in the case of setting the heat angle, the heat sink shield and pushbuttons, these are the solutions copied straightly from PT Apex

So we have reached the point: the Cree XR-E led (declared bin of P4 80,6-87,4 lumens at 350mA, one of the weakest available in the market; the manufacturers may really very hardly afford for such frankness); it may be easily exchanged to a better one of the bin Q5, selected in conformity with the preferences concerning the light colors. Three 5mm leds; here, too, something could be mishmashed but, considering the amount of light added by them, it's not worth to touch them, probably.

Power supply

The most standard, under the sun, 4xAA-s, exactly as many as in a package and as many may be located in a charger:). In addition, the head lamp is described as „DC/DC Regulated”, what means that the lead supply current should be regulated within the full power supply range, like at PT Apex. The battery compartment is a just a bit increased version known in our market from the Cabals/Rayovac K2 head lamp.

A separate switch-key of the red warning light and a closure secured with screws – the well-known and proven solutions.

At the first eyesight, the driver induces no suspicions, a typical DC/DC converter provided with a coil.

The led supply currents and the head lamp input currents measured at the rechargeable battery and Alkaline bateries.

Remington 4AA
           I-led bat  I-led acu     I-In bat    I-In acu
Cree high   410,76mA   295,32mA     401,26mA    290,63mA
Cree low    102,31mA    73,81mA      88,11mA     62,81mA

What does follow from the above figures ? In the place of the DC/DC converter, you have here a plain linear controller; the current at the output being equal to that at the input. The lamp lights very strongly at the beginning, then, very slowly, weaker and weaker; this is of an advantage in the form of the very long operation period but I’ve not expected this here. Calculating the current into the amount of light emitted by the led, you have 100 lumens on the high mode and 30 on the low mode.

How does it glow ?

In the classification as per the light amount emitted, it sounds rather nice; in the category as per the light amount emitted and considering the price, this is one of the most popular head lamps in the United States:).

In the comparison, the following will act:

Remington RMHL4AA-BTP – declared 150 lumens on the high mode.

Petzl MYO RXP ’09 biała - declared 140 lumens on the high mode.

Remington vs MYO RXP – high

Remington vs MYO RXP – low

The test of the diffuser in Remington, for the high and low modes.

The comparison for the red mode and the blood track.


This is a head light completely unknown in Poland but, I count on, this will change soon. Its predecessor was a unit very well known in our market, Mactronic HLS-K2SL, that also has its origin in Raovac.

As you can see in the photos, in spite of overstating the catalogue specifications, the amount of light is satisfactory. The diffuser is still an ideal one but, however, decidedly better than that known of the Fenix head lamps. Another plus may be the red mode – this is the strongest red light among all head lamps I have tested till now (except of 5W Silva LX provided with a red filter). I can hardly express my opinion on the effectiveness of the blood trace mode but I’ve had no chance to test it in practice.

Truly, it's not Apex but, considering the capabilities and the price, I’m not surprised at all that during sales some American torch owners took several of them at one time:)