At last, the most expected headlamp of the year probably. Successor of the famous Tikka XP -> Tikka XP 2. What's new? Already known from Tikka 2 Plus refreshed design, a small red led in standard, SSC P4 class led and whistle ...

Tikka Plus 2 did not make a very good impression on me compared to the old modded Tikka XP, can the new version of XP’s be better ? Are the owners of the old Tikka XP should prepare themselves for exchange ?


Tikka 2 XP

Tikka XP

A bit of marketing data ;).

Headlamp with 1 high-output LED, 1 red LED and five lighting modes (three continuous and two blinking) and Wide Angle lens

The TIKKA XP ² headlamp integrates two light sources as well as a Wide Angle lens with a simple open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between a long distance focalized beam and flood beam proximity lighting. This headlamp is equipped with a white high-output LED and a red LED. The white LED delivers 60 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 60 meters. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 160 hours. The red LED provides lighting to preserve night vision or to become a blinking light for increased safety, for example in an urban environment, etc. TIKKA XP® ² can be used with lithium batteries to decrease weight or increase performance in cold weather.

Technical data
Colors: E99 PG: gray / E99 PI: iris
Power supply: three alkaline AAA/LR03 batteries (included)
Compatible with lithium batteries
Degree of protection: IP X4 (water-resistant)
Weight: 88 g including batteries
Guarantee: 3 years
Price: 46 Euro / 54.95 USD (Rei)


This time instead of the blue color on the catalog photo we get dark-purple - perhaps it is better to light, it will not be shining in all directions.

It is smaller than its original, with the complete battery weighs even less than that manufacturer declared, only 86 g, almost 10 grams less than the old XP. The diffuser hidden inside the casing can be easily moved up and down – it is held securely in both positions by a spring. If the manufacturer ever thinks about the introduction of color filters known from the old version, then the exchange will be possible but will require a moment of play with headlamp first. On the left, mentioned earlier whistle :D.

Already known bigger redesigned closing and big button switch - a new XP is definitely more user friendly than the previous one. Once opened, access to the batteries is seamless.

Compared to Tikka XP there is no seals between two parts of the case, it means, that if you put your headlamp into the water the batteries going to be wet. The manufacturer declares : “They work even when water enters the lamp body. Thanks to stainless steel contacts and waterproof parts that protect sensitive parts. If water enters the headlamp, it should be dried and the batteries changed. The contacts should be inspected.” The driver and the led is sealed in the body so it should survive some water, but do not exaggerate with testing that ;-). The whole new Tikka 2 series meets requirements of the IPX4 and is only rain resistant.

Inside looks…

SSC P4 emitter bin and tint unknown, glued directly to the pcb - Cooling 0 points :-P.

As expected, the inside content of Tikka 2 Plus and Tikka 2 XP is almost the same.

The only interesting difference is the class of manufacturing of the pcb - in XP version all thru holes are tinned, pcb is cut more precisely, there is a path instead of handmade shortcut - somehow more refined design and better execution .

Power supply

Declared 60 lumens, only 10 more than Tikka Plus you said, or 20% more said the marketing department The SSC P4 led from U1 bin requires about 200mA to emit this amount of light - these are used in Myo RXP, so the result is most likely.

As usual, effective working time for the lights powered by the cells in AAA size is humble. Just after 30 minutes of work range drops by 30% and after 10 hours by 70%. Battery indicator lighting up when the coverage is expected to reach 5m meets function here as a warning "light will goes off in any moment", because in the normal use the batteries need to be replaced much earlier.

Tikka 2 XP - alkalines
       V-in   I-In   P-In     V-led  I-led  P-led   Eff.
High  4,34V  216mA  0,94W    3,10V  215mA  0,67W   71,4%
Low   4,56V   77mA  0,35W    2,92V   77mA  0,23W   64,2%
Red   4,56V   34mA  0,16W
Tikka 2 XP - NiMH's
       V-in   I-In   P-In     V-led  I-led  P-led   Eff.
High  3,75V  135mA  0,51W    2,98V  136mA  0,41W   80,1%
Low   3,85V   48mA  0,18W    2,85V   47mA  0,14W   74,0%
Red   3,85V   25mA  0,10W

Lower power consumption than in Ticca Plus and will be more light? Why not ? You just have to use the led from the good bin instead of unsorted loot, as perhaps occurred in Tikka 2 Plus. The comparison will tell the truth - or at least does not lie too much.

How it light ?

As in the case of Tikka 2 Plus (darker casing doesn’t help) - the lamp shines everything outside and when you don’t use the peaked cap or helmet it will be highlighting user glasses.


Tikka 2 XP (SSC P4) vs Tikka XP (Luxeon I)

Tikka XP 2 vs modded XP on high (SSC P4 U-bin)

Tikka XP 2 vs Tikka2 Plus - yes, these are "almost identical" lamps :-P

Well, now at least you know why you have to pay extra for XP ;-).


Tikka XP 2 (SSC P4) vs Tikka XP (Luxeon I)

Tikka XP 2 vs modded XP on high (SSC P4 U-bin)

Tikka XP 2 vs modded XP on boost (SSC P4 U-bin)

Many users will miss this mode... frown

A red LED gives enough light to read a map or move indoors - in other cases in a flashing mode can serve as a warning light- to switch between the lights you have to hold the switch.

Some Q&A...

Replace the old XP ?
- not necessarily, if you replace the led in your headlamp, at low cost the light will once again be "on time".

Buy the Tikka 2 Plus or Tikka XP 2 ?
- certainly it is better to pay extra for the XP version, it has better led - giving more light, longer range and built-in diffuser.

Buy the old one and mod it, or the new one ?
- unless you wear glasses, you do not need a color filter, or you are not going to walk around for a days in rain or in wet caves, then you can safely buy the XP 2

Whether that could be better ?
- certainly, enough to give it black front panel and the current regulated driver.


Well, after 2 years of development on a previously very good headlamp you would expect more. Headlamp have lost boost mode - it was liked by many users, who may sometimes enlightened their way - also it lost intermediate mode. At the same price, unless the size and weight are not the main criteria for selection, it will be much better to buy Petzl Myo XP, which will provide more light and longer burn time.

Finally Petzl released to the market small headlamp, which really shines. In terms of quantity of light it smashes the old version. If you appreciate the look, quality, ease of use and multi-tasking then this headlamp is for you.