At the shop shelves appeared next refreshed Petzl headlamp. Tikka 2 Plus was redesigned so much that it barely reminds it’s 3 led ancestor, based on power led reserved so far for higher XP model, improves it’s its performance and range of applications. There is only one question, what to chose when you can get the old XP cheaper than new 2 Plus ?



Tikka 2 Plus

Tikka XP

A bit of marketing data

Latarka czołowa z 1 mocną diodą, 1 czerwoną i pięcioma poziomami oświetlenia (trzy ciągłe i dwa pulsujące)
The TIKKA PLUS ² headlamp integrates two light sources for versatility: one white, high-output LED and one red LED. The white LED delivers 50 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 35 meters. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 140 hours. The red LED provides spare lighting to preserve night vision or to become a blinking light for increased safety, for example in an urban environment, etc. The TIKKA PLUS® ² can be used with lithium batteries to decrease weight or increase performance in cold weather.

Colors : E97 PM : mystic gray / E97 PP : pistachio
Operates on three alkaline AAA/LR03 batteries (included)
Compatible with lithium batteries, alkaline batteries and NiMH and NiCAD rechargeable batteries
Degree of protection: IP X4 (water-resistant)
Weight: 83 g including batteries
3-year guarantee
Price : about 45$ / 36 Euro


You can see it’s intensive green color far away - fortunately this is not that neon green that you can see on the catalogue photos :).

Tikka 2 is slightly smaller than the Tikka XP - there is no diffuser, and the casing is more delicate, lamp with batteries weighs 80g compared to 95g of XP’s.

Great advantage of the new Tikka is redesigned closing - withhold catch instead of pressed one, on which you could break nails during battery change. Also the switch is much larger - there will be no problem to push it in the gloves.

After opening there is no problem with accessing to the batteries, by the way you can see a little surprise for too interested users – instead of Torx 6 this time they use Torx 5 :].

Compared to Tikka XP there is no seals between two parts of the case, it means, that if you put your headlamp into the water the batteries going to be wet. At the top of the casing halves are closely matched, unfortunately, on the sides is a pretty big gap between them. Designation IPX4 - which means rain resistant - should be taken very literally here.

Fortunately, water protection is not so bad as it looks at the beginning, the most vulnerable parts (led & driver) are sealed from the rest of the case by rubber seal. It should keep the headlamp working even with flooded batteries - for some time of course ;).

Inside looks ?

Unlike the Tikka XP, emitter is directly soldered to the pcb. Bare emitter prevents bin identification and easy replacement. For led cooling new Tikka gets 0 points - star mcpcb is not cooling part so the XP is not better.

Since Tikka Plus 2 have almost identical construction as expected XP 2 - so in terms of savings we can expect the same electronics with another driver settings ;-).

Power supply

Only 50 lumens, it isn’t so much whet U-binned SSC P4 can give 90 lumens at 350mA – but we have to remember about reasonable work time on 3 AAA cells. According to the manufacturer's data, range of light decreases by more than 50% within 10 hours of use on a high mode, so forget about stabilization – not this time, EOS is still safe.

Tikka 2 plus - AAA
       V-in   I-In   P-In     V-led  I-led  P-led   Eff.
high  4,46V  289mA  1,29W    3,15V  288mA  0,91W   70,4%
low   4,60V  104mA  0,48W    2,94V  104mA  0,31W   64,1%
Tikka 2 plus - Acu
       V-in   I-In   P-In     V-led  I-led  P-led   Eff.
high  3,85V  183mA  0,70W    3,07V  175mA  0,54W   76,6%
low   3,91V   64mA  0,25W    2,86V   62mA  0,18W   70,3%

In conclusion, the results of Tikka 2 does not differ from its older brother Tikka XP - a very strong start on fresh batteries, then in accordance with the specifications for about 5 hours and goes down till the end… With rechargeables – poor.

How it light ?

With the SSC P4 on board should light quite good - when on it looks like that :

Tikka 2 Plus (SSC P4) vs Tikka XP (Luxeon I) - High

Tikka 2 Plus vs modded Tikka XP (SSC P4 U-bin) - High


Tikka 2 Plus (SSC P4) vs Tikka XP (Luxeon I) - High

Tikka 2 Plus vs modded Tikka XP (SSC P4 U-bin) - High


I have the impression that Petzl spared some cash on leds selection for Tikka 2 Plus - the replacement is not a big problem – but then why to buy a brand new headlamp ? The 2 Plus have some advantages over the XP – it is lighter, better fits on the head, have red led that you can use for map reading or moving in the premises or even as a safety lamp in the flashing mode. Despite the absence of the diffuser it illuminates the way very evenly – but it is done by the cost of a range.

It have some disadvantages - for somebody it will be advantage that light go through the case and owner is better seen from the side, but for eyeglasses wearer it will be annoying because of light reflexes. Lack of seals in batteries container can cause short-circuit, if you left it flooded for a longer time -headlamp should survive that, but batteries / rechargeables may not :-(.

Difficult choice... For the occasional user who needs small headlamp “for now” Tikka Plus 2 is certainly a good choice, for outdoor maniac / adventure racer I’ll chose old XP version and mod it right after purchase.

I am looking forward for a new version of XP’s, unless it will be Tikka Plus 2 with diffuser and 2 more modes it will be interesting. If not, modded old & ugly will still rule in the mini headlamps category :-P.