The good old Myo XP. Refreshed version for the 2008 by led the exchange and change of colors. Reliability, very good quality, light weight, very easy battery replacement. Many advantages for someone who needs a top quality headlamp for outdoor use.

Everything that You would like to know, bout they wont tell you in the shop ;-).



One of the biggest outdoor makers finally wake up and put on the market refreshed version of the well known Myo XP / Myobelt XP.

Some marketing crapp:

  • 200% brighter
  • 85 lumens on high and even 150 in boost mode
  • good looking grey-black design
  • powered by "AA x 3 (1,2V-1,5V)"
  • 3 color battery charge indicator (green->yellow->red)

On the leaflet inside the blister there is some strange issue : in the High mode the headlamp on the dedicated 6 cell battery pack 3400mAh should work 50 hours and on the 3 Alkaline Batteries 80 hours !!!

It looks almost the same as the old one, excluding the color, but I think that any flashaholic will recognize SSC P4 emitter :-).

Inside, it looks the same as the old one…

In old XP’s Petzl was grudging and many times they put S-bin Luxeons instead T-bin or better. This time, inside the headlamp is original U-bin SSC P4 star – USXPI, yes they can be a bit more demanding and chose lower Vf version USXPH but this will be good too – I was worrying that they will use T-bin SSC :-p.

Inside almost nothing has changed…

When U use 3 alcaline’s from the headlamp package LED will be powered as shown :

BOOST   762,1 mA    3,73v    913,1 mA	3,82v 
HIGH    269,7 mA    3,25v    299,2 mA	3,06v 
MID     157,9 mA    3,12v    170,3 mA	2,94v
LOW      65,4 mA    2,95v     68,3 mA	2,8v

Now, lets test powering it up from the NiMh’s – it newer was the strong side of this headlamp, but maybe they improve something… 3 slightly used cells – 3,84V without load. In the meantime I switched the star to the USX0H :-D.

        I-led        V-led     V-in
HIGH    194,0 mA     2,97v    3,77v
MID     111,5 mA     2,87v    3,80v
LOW      44,0 mA     2,75v    3,82v

As you can see, everything goes as usual, there is not enough voltage to power the LED – so you cant use the headlamp properly :-(.

Alternative power source.

Too low voltage ? In that case you need to use 4xAA battery pack 4 NiMH cells - 5,13V without load =:].

        I-led   V-led     I-in   V-in     Eff
BOSST   714 mA  3,40v    742 mA  3,74V   87,5%
HIGH    415 mA  3,16v    417 mA  4,16v   75,6%
MID     233 mA  3,01v    237 mA  4,57v   64,8%
LOW      90 mA  2,84v     92 mA  4,89v   56,8%

Let it be the light !!



New LED, twice much light as from the earlier version, the same price, 3 year guarantee - one of the best value-for money headlamps on the market today. But it still have one weakness from the older model – it don't have good buck/boost driver..

If you have an old MYO you have only to replace the led and you will have a „NEW” Myo 8-).

OLD Myo vs NEW Myo - on HIGH