You can mod almost everything, even the cheapest lamp from a supermarket, the only determinants of the mod value is obtained effect and costs. Let this post will be a warning to novice modders – it is not always possible to achieve a satisfactory result.




What do you need ?

Cree XP-G emitter on small mcpcb - you can think of it as a emitter, You will use it the same way here.

It's not ideal, but it's good enough =:].

Some thermal adhesive i.e. Arctic Alumina or other glue - I'm using 3M 467MP 0,05mm adhesive tape, some tin, soldering iron and Torx T6 :).

To work !

At first, you have to unscrew 4 screws:

After that you can get inside, gently remove alloy heatsink plate:

Remove the driver and the led, unsolder the led. Now you have front, holder and collimator lens… As you can see old holder is specifically designed for luxeon/ssc p4 emitters and our micro mcpcb won't fit.

A few minutes later, the holder fits perfectly :).

You will also have to trim a bit positioning pins for heatsink plate to allow it to slide down.

The heatsink, needs some cutting too...

After that you can glue the new emitter to the heatsink plate in correct position :).

And, bull’s-eye !

hen it’s rather simple, attach two wires, put it back together and her it goes 800mA -> almost 300 lumens Myo RXP ;).

There is only one problem, the effect is a bit disappointing, the optics in myo xp/rxp is showing the magnified picture of a die when there is SSC P4 inside - but its blurry and oval due to thick phosphor layer and it's acceptable for the headlamp. But when you use XP-G you can see the clear view of the die and it su@^#. :'(

But for now, you all want to see photos :P

Cree XP-G R4 5000K – SSC P4 6000K+ (U1SW0H)

Inside :




Outdoor :




 With the diffuser on (in high):

The Ledil LXP optics is too long to fit into the Myo XP head, Carclo is a bit shorter, but the effect are disappointing too - I've tried many and maybe will try again in the future with another xp-g compatible optic, butt currently it's no go mod for me. :-(

Now you got all info, the decision is up to you =:-].