Petzl Tikka XP 2014

Tikka and Tikka XP are ones of the most popular headlamps in the world. Lightweight, reliable, long operation time - these are the characteristic features of the whole family. After the average successful series Tikka 2, Petzl started seriously to refresh the whole series of Tikkas. New led's, new casings, new approach to the light distribution. And, finally, the long expected regulated power supply…


Petzl Tikka family photo - Tikka R, Tikka RXP, Tikka XP, Tikka Plus, Tikka 2014

A family picture above: launched in the previous year, Tikka RXP and Tikka R, nearly sister types Tikka XP and Tikka +, as well as Tikka that , at last, gets it's high power led. Not colorful enough ? It is even better than on the photo; in practice, each headlamp is available in 2 or 3 color alternatives :)

Some marketing data.

Petzl Tikka 2014

The economy Petzl Tikka headlamp provides a wide light beam for illumination of the closest surrounding and enables steady movement. The maximum amount of light is 80 lumens and the range up to 40 meters. The lamp provides two illumination modes due to which the amount of light may be matched to any situation.

Petzl Tikka Plus 2014

The compact headlamp Petzl Tikka Plus may be proved both when exercising sports in fresh air and when performing work near your house. The lamp emits a beam of the power value of 140 lumens for the length of 60 meters. The 8 operating modes for free choice makes it possible to select the most useful option for you.

Petzl Tikka XP 2014

The headlamp TIKKA XP has been developed to meet all requirements of the outdoor users. Due to two light sources, the headlamp ensures comfortable illumination of the near and far range (120 lumens, 50 meters). In addition, it is provided with the Boost mode(160 lumens, 70 meters) enabling temporary use of the maximum lamp power value, as well as with the red mode with the memory option.

  Tikka Tikka+ Tikka XP Tikka R+ Tikka RXP
Light source: Osram Oslon SSL 150 Cree XP-E2
Optics: Individual, customized for the leds and light distribution.
Case material: Plastic composite, made in multi-shot technology
(buttons and seals are integrated with the case).
IP rating: IPX4 (rainproof, after getting wet: open, remove the batteries and let it dry).
Max. light output: 80 lumens 140 lumens 160 lumens 170 lumens 215 lumens
Range: 50 m 60 m 70 m 65 m 110 m
Modes and run-times:
80 lm / 120h
20 lm / 180h
140 lm / boost 10s
110 lm / 2h
45 lm / 6h
30 lm / 12h
5 lm / 100h
Red 5 lm / 100h
160 lm / boost 10s
120 lm / 2h
45 lm / 6h
30 lm / 12h
5 lm / 100h
Red 5 lm / 100h
120 lm / 3,5h
80 lm / 6h
40 lm / 12h
red /30h
up to 170 lm/3,5h
up to 130 lm/6h
up to 40 lm/12h
150 lm / 2,5h
100 lm/5h
45 lm /12h
red /30h
Reactive :
up to 215 lm/2,5h
up to 160 lm/ 5h
up to 80 lm/10h
  Non regulated All modes are regulated
After discharging the batteries user gets 40 hours of emergency red light.
All modes are regulated and programmable by the user.
After discharging it works for 1h on 25 lumen's.
Memory: None only white light / red light memory.
Power supply: 3xAAA Integrated Li-Ion 1250mAh, or 3xAAA
Battery indicator: None Headlamp blinks a few times and switches into red mode. Multicolor indicator on battery the pack.
Weight: 83,8 g
w. batteries
85,1 g
with batteries
86,1 g
with batteries
112 g
with Li-Ion battery pack
(lowest available)

29,95 $

39,95 $
54,95 $
79,95 $
89,95 $


Full of colours and plastics; the new headlamps seem to be somewhat delicate in comparison with Tikka R+ or RXP -this rattle of plastic when changing the head angle- if it might be thinner and lighter, it would be such… Though, in general, the case was similar in the models Tikka 2 and nobody complained that something broke, from the premiere 2, almost 5 years passed. At last, Petzl is Petzl, to say nothing of the factory defect of the cable in old MYO-s ;). Luckily enough, the front of the lamps is made of a thicker plastic layer so that they should survive the collapses of those who visit places with their heads in the clouds or are near a ceiling ;).

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - front

When comparing the lamps one with the other, it may be found easily the differences – the models Tikka +/XP have a smaller head adjustment range than Tikka R/RXP; it seems to be a little thing but always in plus for “older sisters”.

Petzl Tikka 2014 - head angle Tikka Plus vs Tikka R+

The case is similar with the bands; the first Tikka has still a plain smooth band (for +, it is replaceable), while the higher models have already irreplaceable with band with a terry material on it; it may be seen how the contact surface with a forehead has been increased in order that the higher weight is balanced – therefore, all lamps are held on the head very stably.

Petzl Tikka 2014 - headstraps comparison

The approach to pushbuttons is quite another: while, in Ticca R/RXP, small outstanding pushbuttons have been applied, the well-known wide pushbuttons are used in the other models. Perhaps they are not sot so distinctive but, due to their central locations and sizes, they do not produce problems with control, even when in gloves.

Changing the color of the light is very easy - simply keep the button pushed when you are turning the light on - and the light will change to red/white.

What you can find inside ?

Tikka R+ i RXP have been already described earlier so I shall take care on the new members of the family. Tikka is the weakest and the only undissemblable model among the headlamps under testing:

Petzl Tikka 2014 - inside look

What is inside ? The total lack of sealing, a pc board with a 3 position switch (so called clickie) and the led fed via resistors. The pluses of such solution? Till the switch operates, nothing will fail in this lamp; it operates in a way, if someone likes: „I change the batteries once per year, and that’s all” and, actually, it does not generate any electromagnetic noise. Another little thing that can make some users happy - Tikka is provided with a GID (Glow in the Dark) ring inside; due to that, it is easier to be found in in the dark:

Petzl Tikka 2014 - GID ring, glow in the dark

Tikka Plus and Tikka XP are sister structures and are descendants of the philosophy applied in the Tikka 2 series- no sealing on the casing but, in that place, a sealing for the controller and led section. By the way, a component may be seen that has made me curious: these small piping pieces at the sides of the rear cover, intended to facilitate catching the headlamp, or not sawn injection residues. :-D.

All lamps may be closed or opened, without any problem, with bare hands – coins, screwdrivers or other tools are unnecessary; the latch is clear and matched ideally.

Petzl Tikka Plus 2014 - inside

The casings are made with the multishot (multiple injection) technology and, due to that, the pushbutton rubbers and gaskets are integrated with the casing; the lower chance for a leakage and, as a matter of fact, the less components for manual assembly.

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - multi shot molding technology, integrated seals and button covers.

Due to close fitting and a thought-over structure, the driver should always have dry conditions; but what about the batteries? Frankly, in accordance with the instructions: after using in damp environment, remove the batteries and allow it to dry in free air with battery case open. 2014 Tikka Plus driver:

Petzl Tikka+ 2014 - driver

And how the led supply current may be measured anyhow ? Perhaps it will be better to miss it now :D.

Tikka XP driver in all its glory:

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - driver board

In Tikkas R+/RXP, the Cree XP-E2 leds have been chosen; here, a somewhat cheaper alternative has been selected :

Petzl Tikka 2014 - Osram Oslon SSL 150

Osram OSLON SSL 150 Sreetwhite of the colour selection, 5000 K – 7500; therefore, in comparison with the lamps for Cree, the light seems to be cold blue. The efficiency of the leds is on a very satisfactory level: 139 lm/W, but the distribution angle of 150° and the foot size 2828 will not allow for any easy DIY led swap.

Power supply.

All in the AAA size and there is no voltage higher than 1.8V. Tikkais not provided with any stabilization so it may be passed in silence; Tikka + and XP are provided with fully stabilized modes with a rather high safety margin – after the batteries are drained out, the lamps switches into red and works for more than 30 hours . The burn-times in relation to Tikka R+ / RXP are looking rather poorly but, something for something, they are provided with a well-known power supply that may be bought in any shop or gas station.

How does it light ?

At last, we have got, from Petzl, popular lamps described in lumens conformant with the ANSI FL1 specification - Myo RXP2 has still it's lumens declared on the led. Newest Tikka's and NAO The newest Tikkas and NAO were also described in such a way but, at the prices of almost 100 USD, they may be hardly qualified as the "popular" ones. Tikka + and Tikka XP mean 100+ lumens for 2h–with it, you can even start in some short night race, while 45 lumens for 6h or 30 for 12 will meet the tourists' needs. Plus, somewhat as a standard in last times–a red led for your excursions to the fridge.

Tikka NE 2014 - 20 lumens

Petzl Tikka 2014 - 20 lumens

Tikka NE 2014 - 80 lumens

Petzl Tikka 2014 - 80 lumens

Red mode in Tikka+ i XP 2014 – it provides enough light (5 lumens), to be able to walk safely.

Petzl Tikka+ 2014 - red

I'll skip 5 lumens mode, because the picture you can not see anything, so lets start with 110 lumens mode for Tikka+ 2014 :).

Petzl Tikka+ 2014 - 110 lumens

You can see that the light has been shaped so as to optimally illuminate the first 20-25m from the user, further effective range ends.

Tikka XP 2014 - 30 lumens mode, wide / flood.

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - 30 lumens, wide

Wide we get the wide mode instead of mechanical diffuser, which had previously been a characteristic element of of this headlamp.

Tikka XP 2014 - 45 lumens mode wide + spot.

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - 45 lumens, wide + spot

Tikka XP 2014 - 120 lumens mode

Petzl Tikka XP 2014 - 120 lumens

For comparison, Tikka R+, constant mode 120 lumens

Petzl Tikka R+ - constant mode, 120 lumens

Tikka RXP, constant mode 150 lumens

Petzl Tikka RXP - constant mode, 150 lumens


Tikka 2014 or Tikka NE (asit is described somewhere) is the Petzl’s protection against the competition „from the bottom”, at the real price from 95zł; this is a response to Black Diamond Cosmo SE or PT Remix. Simple, nice, it operates easily, it is provided with the inscription „Petzl” and it may be bought in any outdoor shop. The color temperature of the light could be better but this is a disadvantage of the whole series. The missed stabilization will be compensated by the very long operation time. The 20 lumen mode was fully enough for me to plunger in my cellar, the head was stably fixed ; only two but: the light green pushbutton, after a few touches, became grey and my forehead under the band got wet fast.

Tikka Plus 2014 - is a step towards the optimization in the use of emitted light; the lamp illuminates this what, for a tourist or a runner, is necessary to be seen - first 20 meters on a road or a track. The modes are fully regulated, there is red light - just fine headlamp for tourism. It is a little pity that the mode memory recognizes the red / white only and not a specific mode but, the lamp switches on at the weakest mode for the white light so we do not risk blinding; the only what is needed is some clicks. It’s a pity that they have not thought of a second pushbutton for control of the red light. Tikka Plus has serious competitors: Black Diamond Spot II or Spot III, or PT Remix - however, them both are not provided with regulated output.

Tikka XP 2014 in summary, it is a sister headlamp for Tikka+ - they differ only in provision of an additional led in order to improve the range; in practice, stronger than the old Myo RXP 2. It features a separate mode for operation at a short distance or for easy walking. With a 100+ real lumen output, its main advantage may be the power supply for 3xAAA - though it may be also a disadvantage: for a little more, you can buy Tikka R+ which, at the same lumen output, will operate almost 2 times longer and is provided with the Reactive lighting system. Decidedly, a competitor for Black Diamond Storm (IPX7, power supply4xAAA) or FenixHL30 (IPX6, power supply 2xAA but a short range only, separated red light control.). In general, it’s a lot on the market to choose from, though the new Tikka XP may be the most universal in its weight / price category. Quite a lot of light and the regulated light output in a compact form, with a popular power supply source what is very important for many Users.

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